Brunton TX Pro/Am

April 26-28  ,2013     Paris, TX



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This March, Paris hosts one of its biggest events on record — the Archery Shooter’s Association Texas Pro/Am, a major national 3-D archery tournament. More than 1,200 competitors, plus their families and spectators, are expected to take aim in the woods by Love Civic Center the weekend of March 23-25, 2007. Greg Skidmore, a member of Archers for Christ of Paris and the Texas Pro/Am project manager, said there has never been an ASA convention in this part of the country, and this event should draw competitors from both sides of the country. “This will be the largest archery event Texas has ever had,” he said. Archers will be aiming for life-sized foam animal targets that represent North American and African game species. The targets are arranged on designated ranges in the woods, offering realistic settings at unknown distances, and the competitors will be in groups of four to five per target. The shoot includes professional and amateur divisions for men, women and youth.The nature trails that will be created for the archers to compete on are slated to become permanent additions to the Trail de Paris area, giving a lasting purpose to the changes that must be made to the woods for this tournament. “We are proud to be part of a program that will enhance the community and provide year-round enjoyment,” ASA president Mike Tyrell said in a release.Paris tourism director Becky Semple, Visitor and Convention Council and Lamar County Chamber of Commerce deserve a pat on the back for the work that has gone into securing this event. Local hotels and restaurants will be filled to the brim with visitors to our area, boosting our hotel/motel tax revenue and the bottom line of Paris businesses. We can’t wait for the arrows to start flying.

Published August 21, 2006 The Paris News


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